With Vortexsol Retail you’re more competitive than ever

A fuel card that has been designed with you in mind to assist you manage your fleet and fuel station business

Vortex Fuel Card is a simple way of managing your fuel expenditure. The solution transforms to meet each organisation particular way of doing business and therefore it can suite all types of clients.

Using this solution, you will be able to deploy in your fuel station business to tap into new clients who want ease of service at your fuel stations.

Secure – The smart chips cards that we use in the system are secured using industry standard encryption algorithms. The card has a PIN and the cardholder has a different PIN too. This makes it possible for the card to be shared but also to be secured on the card holder level. So for a transaction to be completed, the card pin has to be authenticated and the cardholder also has to authenticate to enable the card to be debited at the merchant station point.

Elaborate – The solution is easy to use and performs itemized billing for the products and services consumed. For post-paid clients, the invoice and statements are sent out by email monthly before the due date.

Customizable – The solution can be tailored easily to meet your specific business and clients need.

Customer loyalty - the solution has an inbuilt customer loyalty, this will make your customer get rewarded every time they use the cards at your fuel stations. This will not only bring about brand loyalty but also it will enhance customer retention and ensure that one new customer keeps on coming back into your fuel station network.

Transactions – depending on the customer, the customer can restrict the card to only accept certain products. Locking the card to certain items reduces fraud and use of the card to the particular purpose that they were meant for only.

Smartchip benefits - there are many benefits in using the smartcard technology in your fuel card solution.

  • Smartchips cannot be cloned
  • Fuelling limits can be enforced
  • Far more durable than magnetic strips, therefore cards last longer
  • Need for cards to be re-created reduced due to longevity
  • Smartchip cannot be damaged by electro-magnetic radiation e.g. mobile phones, magnets, speakers, etc.

Fueling limits - The owners of the cards can also decide to have fuelling limits programmed into a fuel card technology to specify the following:

  • Volume allowed per transaction
  • Volume allowed per day
  • Volume allowed per week
  • Number of transactions allowed per day
  • Number of transactions allowed per week
  • Days of the week card can be used
  • Times of the day card can be used
  • Number of incorrect PIN entries allowed
  • Card lock-out period after incorrect PINs

There are two types of the VortexFuel Cards:

Pre paid card ( recommended for Individual use)

This option allows a user to load their cards in advance. This can be done at any of the merchants or point of registration using cheques, or through direct deposit into the participating merchant account after which your cards are remotely topped up from card centre to pick up the credit at any merchant station point. Cheque payments made at our head office must clear before the cards are loaded.

The Post paid card ( ideal for corporates / fleets)

This option allows users to purchase fuel and services at designated merchant point of service stations on CREDIT. In order to offer the credit facility, you customers will be required to register and get accounts created on the platform.


Payments or topping up of cards is easy; there are different options for topping up the cards. Customers can use Mobile payment (MPESA), CASH, cheques (subject to merchant acceptance)


There are elaborate reports of the companies, individuals, fleet ranging from:

  • Card usage
  • Statements of account
  • Transactions history
  • Audit trail in consumption the fleet
  • Debtors and ageing analysis

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