With Vortexsol Retail you’re more competitive than ever

Simplified and affordable business software on mobile and the cloud

Businesses whether big or small have their own intricacies that need to be managed. And managing a business is not a simple task!

When a business owner decides that it’s time to automate, a lot of challenges are then faced, for instance there is no enough room to store the huge hardware’s required, then it is expensive to adopt the new solutions being proposed and finally the solutions being proposed are complex and not in line with the type of business.

Vortex  Retail at a glance

  • A thin, lite comprehensive solution for running your business
  • Options for running on mobile or the cloud or both
  • Eliminate expensive hardware costs
  • Reduce dependancy on the grid power
  • A simple, elegant user interface
  • Easy access to reporting

We at Vortex have designed and developed VortexRetail Lite to assist you manage your small business through the use of mobile and the internet. We understand that not all businesses are the same.

We also know that not all businesses require the complex and elaborate ERPs to run. We therefore designed and developed a thin, lite and business specific solution for use to manage small businesses. The solution fits in any business space, it is great because of less hardware power use and it is safe as you can easily back up your data on the cloud and retrieve wherever required.

The biggest challenge on business automation even for those who can is power reliability, and this is why we have gone on mobile; meaning you can have at least 8 hours of mobile power before your next recharge. You can simply charge your device at home and come with it to work and use it the whole day! With this, data will always flow and you will have all the records done correctly.

Vortex Retail Lite runs on the cloud and is accessible using a smartphone and or a web browser. The solution is easily accessible and easy to use. Instead of investing on expensive hardware and software all you need is a smartphone or a tablet and you are good to go. You can also decide to work completely offline if internet connection is also a problem to you.

The solution has the following features and functionalities:

  • Complete sales order processing
  • Complete purchase order processing
  • Elaborate customer relationship management
  • Easy to use human resource and payroll management
  • Easy to use and monitor accounting functions
  • Simple and fast analytics

The solution will help you manage your business effectively. You will be in control of your inventory and you will be on top of your finances by being able to know your income and expenses thereby being better placed to make great decisions in growing your business.

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