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Achieve the highest level of stocks accuracy using automatic stock taking and inventory receiving

One of the major challenges that the retailers are facing today is how to control and manage their inventory. This is a big problem and there has been no solutions to assist the retailers perform stock takes and its related activities in an easy and timely way.

Vortexsol has done extensive market research and developed a Store Assistant Inventory Management System that uses barcode enabled terminal device and a software suite that makes managing stocks and related activities in the store effective and easy.

The software is able to do the following:

  • Carry out Stock take Store attendants will use the terminal to scan items and enter quantities available. The entries will be saved and either, verified first before they are updated to the ERP system or alternatively the system can be configured to automatically update the ERP system with the quantities captured.
  • Perform Stock Reorder Items reordering will be done easily by simply scanning and imputing the quantities to be re-ordered. The re-order list will then be verified and then posted into the ERP system as a Purchase Order .
  • Perform Price Change Verification Sometimes the prices that are being pushed to the shelves are not updated, it is important to ensure the pricing indicated on the shelves and the prices in the ERP system are the same. To verify this, the terminal is used to scan the item at the shelve, and the price on the shelve and the pricing on the ERP system are compared, if there is some discrepancy the entry is logged into the system for later verification and updating , eventually matching the pricing on the shelves and the ERP thereby making the prices that are rung up at the register to be what the customer saw on the shelves.
  • Goods Receiving Automating data capture at the receiving point results in high data accuracy and elimination of errors brought about by manual data entry. This can also assist in identifying any inventory delivery errors if any.

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