With Vortexsol Retail you’re more competitive than ever

Customer Loyalty and Reward Programs for businesses

With loyalty done right, you will have an edge over your competition with a loyalty program that’s customized for your business. We offer different ways of managing your loyalty program and Gift cards; you can choose to do it in-house or we can host it for you on the cloud and run it for you. The solution runs in normal PCs and also on POS termninals
Using Vortexsol Loyalty and Gift card solutions, you will maximize customer retention and increase customer spending in your stores.
We customize our solutions to run with cards or simply cardless. Our card solution uses one of the following technologies:

  • Magnetic Stripe cards
  • Barcoded cards
  • Smart cards
  • RFID and Mirafe Cards

With Vortexsol  loyalty, you will identify the most loyal customers and pin point the items they are buying and also what promotions they are responding to most in your stores.
Through this, you will have an opportunity to capture new sales and grow your existing customer base.

Vortexsol loyalty is easily customizable and is suitable for any type of business that requires to grow its customer base.

The solution has multi store data transfer capability with ease of control on how much reward point to award against each shopping value. Control of redemption window, value per
point and specific store(s) and locations if not all can also be set and configured.

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