With Vortexsol Retail you’re more competitive than ever

With Vortexsol Retail you’re more competitive than ever

Vortexsol Retail is an open-yet-integrated point-of-sale and store information management solution. It connects with all retail touch points and sales channels to offer rich functionality for fast moving consumer goods retailers, including real-time sales, real time and accurate inventory, elaborate customer loyalty system, detailed store promotions management, business performance reporting and a powerful cash office module. The solution employs industry standards and delivers the speed, accuracy and robustness you need to successfully support high volume, high complexity retail.

Vortex  Retail on a glance

  • A comprehensive solution for customer relationship management, inventory tracking, store promotions management, elaborate cash management
  • Low acquisition and running costs
  • Stable system
  • Open hardware options
  • Integrated customer loyalty system
  • Integrated mobile payment option
  • A simple, elegant user interface
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Integrated financial system making managing your processes elaborate and easy

Vortexsol Retail contributes to:

  • Reduced front-end operating costs
  • Improved cashier productivity
  • Integrated support for multiple verticals. e.g. hypermarkets, supermarkets, fuel stations, self-scanning, bakeries
  • Accurate real-time Inventory tracking and management
  • Elaborate processes thereby giving you control of your business
  • Increased customer spend, profitability and loyalty Vortex loyalty and customer analytics
  • Real-time data update to the Headquarter
  • Stable system requiring minimum maintenance and support thereby reducing your solution maintenance and support costs.
  • User rights adherence using Finger print biometrics. Users will only do in the system what they are authorised to.

Features and Benefits

  • Vortexsol Retail is an open-standards, fully integrated and cross-functional Point of Sale (POS) and store management software system. Its uniqueness is in the functionality, hardware independence. Multi-Concept Functionality that delivers a fully integrated POS solution to meet all of your business needs.
  • This solution has been built with the Retailer in mind. It incorporates solutions to the current technological and operational challenges in the retail sector.
  • Fully customisable solution
  • Fully integrated POS solution with multi-verticals functionality
  • Open design supporting industry standards, simplifying integration with third party retail applications
  • Advanced promotion features with a single point of update for pricing and promotions across all retail stores
  • Flexible and intuitive user experience for easy training and fast deployment in your stores.
  • Multi store capability to centrally give global reporting of all your stores across your chain.
  • Easy to use time and attendance solution that is designed to reduce labour fraud ensuring employees report to their work stations on time.

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